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We Support Local Artists

We are so honoured to have collaborated with such incredible artists for our product ranges. 

Each artist brings our scents and our vision to life in a stunning interpretation unique to their style and medium. We absolutely love that we have the opportunity to showcase Australian artists with our products and share the beauty with our customers around the country. 

    Australiana collection

    Art of Zig

    Kurt, the creator behind Art of Zig, is a self-taught artist from Brisbane, who loves to create through many forms, including, painting, illustrating, screen-printing, woodwork, photography and videography. We met Kurt a few years ago when we were market stall neighbours and we admired his creativity and artistic style.

    When brainstorming a concept for our new Christmas collection, we were excited at the prospect of finally being able to work with Kurt. 

    We wanted to freshen things up a bit this year, and create a collection that is vastly different to our previous range. Christmas brings a sense of nostalgia, comfort, indulgence and tradition and we wanted to inspire all these feelings with our new packaging. 

    Brook Gossen

    Brook is a surface pattern designer, illustrator and artist creating every day in her creatively messy studio in Brisbane, Australia.  Her work is fun, fresh, bold and often filled with all the colours of the rainbow.

    When Covid hit the world, we felt we needed to bring a little more fun and cheer into people's lives at home, so came up with the idea of a fruity, colourful collection that would remind people of summer vacays all year round, even though travel was off the cards. Brook was the perfect artist to collaborate with this range, with her bright, fun, rainbow designs. We wanted this range to feel like a holiday to tropical Queensland with a side of mid century glamour. 

    Brook's interpretation of our vision was absolutely spot on, and the Paradiso collection was born. 

    Melanie Kilby

    We first met Mel a few years ago, when she opened her indoor plant, art and homewares store in Brisbane, called Botanika by Kismet (which also became our first stockist). 

    Mel had taken a detour from a career in graphic design to indulge her love of gardening, but during her days in her cute retail space she also worked hard on her 'side project' of drawing pet portraits. 

    In doing this, Mel reignited the love of drawing that she'd lost since finishing an Illustration degree so many years earlier, and although Botanika closed its doors, it gave her the courage to focus on her art career full time.

    Mel now balances her art practice between commissioned and personal work, illustration, selective graphic design projects and teaching drawing workshops. 

    We invited Mel to collaborate with us on our Australiana Collection, because of her incredible talent of course, but also for the passion we share for native flora and fauna, and we trusted her to bring our vision to life. 

    Shop our collaboration with Melanie Kilby - The Australiana Collection

    Melanie Kilby

    Photo courtesy of Peter McMahon 2020.

    Holly Neilson (Paper Hands)

    We met Holly through the Brisbane market scene and already owned several of her beautiful botanical artworks before coming up with the idea for a collaboration.   

    Having grown up next to the sea and in close proximity to rainforests, Holly’s love for nature and relationship with the wild has always been strong. Throughout her life, Holly has also used her art as a vessel to help navigate her own mental health journey. Her work depicts a collaboration between her natural environment and the individual; exploring the power of regeneration.

    Holly’s work translates across various mediums including murals, portraiture, fine line drawings and watercolour and has been featured in exhibitions and media outlets nationwide. Holly lives and works in North Brisbane, surrounded by her garden. 

    Shop our collab with Holly - The Botanical Collection

    Holly Neilson

    Mel Baxter (Moonshine Madness)

    For our first Christmas collaboration, we teamed up with Mel Baxter, who brought our favourite Christmas scents to life with her stunning artwork with an Aussie twist.

    We spotted Mel's artwork at a local market in Brisbane and fell in love with her retro vibe and illustrations of Australia's wildlife and plant life, which are her passion and inspiration. She lives north of Brisbane surrounded by the bush and the beautiful native creatures that feature so prominently in her artworks. 

    Mel Baxter